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    ONE: Use the search bar if you know a specific thing you’re looking for (like tennis, horses, dance, city, CIT, etc) TWO: Click on a Category to see all options. THREE: Please help other parents by leaving reviews and recommendations for camps that your kids have attended! Entries and tags include “indoors” and “outdoors.” Some…

  • Red Castle Games D&D Camp

    Indoors Half days only One of our professional Dungeon Masters will make the rules approachable, help players make their own heroic characters, and emphasize teamwork and empathy while exploring a world of fantasy. Your Summer Camp includes: Ages 8-17 Location: SE Portland Add a comment with your experience!

  • Opus School of Music

    https://opusschoolofmusic.com/summer-camps Indoors Half/partial days only Art and dance camps Ages: 3-13 Location: Ridgefield, WA; Camas, WA Add a comment with your experience!

  • Hoffman Academy Virtual Piano Camp

    https://www.hoffmanacademy.com/summer-camp-2023-main-lp Virtual Free/low cost We have 7 Piano Cabins available, choose ONE or try them ALL! There is no specific order of completion. You can choose to complete all 7 cabins for an added piano challenge or just pick your favorite. Ages: Any Location: Virtual Add a comment with your experience!

  • Music Together Rhythm Kids Camp

    https://www.musictogether-pdx.com/RK-summer-camp.html Indoors Throughout the week, we will drum, sing, dance, and play to rhythms and songs inspired by musical traditions around the world. With our Tree Frog collection to guide us, each day of our camp week will be filled with music, art, and play! Ages 5-8 Location: NE Portland Add a comment with your experience!

  • Oregon Music Academy

    Indoors Mornings only Join us for a week of fun-filled instrument exploration. Your child will get to see, hear, and explore each of these instruments: cello, drums, flute, guitar, piano, ukulele,  violin, and more. Your child will learn how to make music on each of the instruments. They’ll be inspired to pursue more instrument study down the road. Ages: K-5th grade Location: Tigard,…

  • Columbia Dance Summer Camp

    Indoors Three themed camps for Ages 3-6 Six levels of ballet intensives Ages 3-12+ Location: Vancouver, WA Add a comment with your experience!