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Amethyst Performance Horses Summer Horse Camp



Mornings only

Learning at camp includes riding horses (under saddle and bareback), learning how to work with horses on the ground such as lunging, walking and trottting, clipping, bathing, etc.  Kids learn how to groom the horses and move around them safely.  Other fun things include learning how to rope, braid and more!  

We do a daily craft and game and we also have an hour of water fun and games on the last day with water balloon games, relay water races and more!  

Advanced camp riders must know how to saddle and bridle and have experience riding and working around horses.  Campers must be at a lope/canter level.  Campers will work on riding and building skills from the ground up!  Riders will work on skills needed to improve their riding abilities and learn new skills.  Great camp for those wanting to show or build more advanced skills.  

Ages 6-13

Location: Oregon City, OR

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