PDX Summer Camp List

A Searchable, Categorized List of Summer Camps in Portland, Oregon

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Tag: film

  • NW Film Camp

    https://www.nwfilmcamp.com/portland Creator camp, videos, film, movies, media, storytelling, film-making, technology, screenwriting Aspiring content creators and filmmakers are invited to join us at the World Forestry Center at Washington Park this Spring and Summer! No experience necessary. Embark on a thrilling adventure with NW Film Camp’s week-long day camps this summer! Dive into content creation and…

  • Vibe of Portland Summer Camps

    https://vibepdx.org/summer-2024 Arts, animation, drawing, dyes, digital illustration, puppets, jewelry-making, mechanical toys, movies, cartooning, weaving, nature art Our team of Teaching Artists inspires creative learning for kids through youth summer art sessions and workshops. Discover some of the best summer art camps in Portland, featuring jewelry making, photography, puppetry, digital arts, music, instrument making, painting, miniatures,…