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  • Battle Grounds Gaming Cafe Dungeons & Dragons Camp

    Indoors Each camp week begins on a Monday morning by kicking it off in Character Creation & Design, which will then be used to 3D print custom minis for each player to paint the following day during our Mini Painting Workshop! We’ll continue with other pro tips & tricks like: finding your personal creativity, how…

  • Lincoln HS Culinary Summer Teen Camp

    https://www.instagram.com/p/C6W_Dadytbp Registration links: https://www.schoolpay.com/pay/for/Culinary-Summer-Teen-Camp-Session-1/S4Xlmj?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR3yfNg34JOIrvXX8c4HYHDb1gkLNU_0vZinxWFGw3o4wntr0lTutuBF9_A_aem_AVgZBYC_kv2wvmy63zmUSVYVr6508pGSUi8ihkqaQv82f9mZZkwH9eFyyEBHvqesMzHjLQVG_zTiuxCyQbOumlzk https://www.schoolpay.com/pay/for/Culinary-Summer-Teen-Camp-Session-2/ScILVQH?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR1QwyZeXkj1fihlnVLPxoh8q1VUyc9XtUqf-zpY_F8ITu37RyxVdNS23Vw_aem_AViTldW-qZ2jyBgHg80H2CrSY1d0urXmCsTDq8dWABCzCIFxsC1B4ZawElAn2KOtBHM5pbphYZALY10eFxWw_uQE Indoors Half-day only Cook with Chef Hammer and culinary students to learn the basics of cooking and baking! Ages: 5th-8th graders Location: SE Portland Add a comment with your experience!

  • Cake Camp at Cake Hoopla

    https://cakehoopla.com/pages/cake-hoopla-calendar?event-id=29219 Indoors Half-day only  Cake Hoopla is offering an immersive four-day cake-learning experience with a fun and engaging curriculum. Kids will design a cake, learn the skills necessary to carry out the design, practice on cupcakes and a fake cake, then execute the cake design on the final day. Along the way, kids will learn…

  • St Johns Clay Camp

    https://www.stjohnsclay.com/classes Indoors Half day only We will use our week together to explore the ceramic medium.  We will try several different hand building techniques. Each day starts with a creative brainstorm and warm up, then get hands dirty! Student will be allowed to fire and glaze two or three of their favorite items. Ages 7-11 Location: North Portland, OR…

  • Radius Art Camp

    https://www.radiusstudio.org/shop/youth-camp Indoors Half day only Join us for a fun-filled week of creativity and learning at Radius Art Studio’s Summer Youth Clay Camps! Our camp is designed to ignite the artistic spark in young minds and provide a hands-on experience in the world of clay. We will dive into the basics of wheel throwing or…

  • Kids Like Languages Summer Camp

    https://kidslikelanguages.com/pages/summer-camp Indoors A fun way for your child to be introduced to another language is through our Summer Camps. Each week you can choose from four languages (Spanish, French, Japanese or Mandarin) and learn through games, sports, music and art. Ages PreK-6th grade Locations: Portland, OR; Beaverton, OR Add a comment with your experience!

  • Laser Tag Camp at Clackamas Ultrazone

    https://www.clackamasultrazone.com/summer-camp Indoors Half day only Monday, Wednesday, Friday only Single days available Our experienced coaches will teach your child teamwork, strategy, and tactical skills while they have a blast playing laser tag games with other campers. With a variety of game modes and challenges, Ultrazone’s laser tag summer camp is the perfect way for your…

  • Sports Camps at Pacific University

    https://goboxers.com/sports/2011/2/23/camp_index.aspx Indoors Half day and full day available These camps offer youth the chance to hone their skills in a number of sports, all under the watchful eye of Pacific coaches and student-athletes. Multi-Sport, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer camps available Ages 1st-8th grade Location: Forest Grove, OR Add a comment with your experience!

  • Oregon Badminton Academy Summer Camp

    Indoors Half day only Train to enhance the badminton athlete in you! Ages ?? Location: Beaverton, OR Add a comment with your experience!

  • The Wiggle Room Summer Camp

    https://www.thewiggleroom.com/summercamp Indoors Single days available Set sail on a week of exploration and creativity at our exciting summer camp! Each day brings a new adventure with themed activities: pirates, STEM, crafts, space, underwater Ages PreK-2nd grade Location: NE Portland, OR Add a comment with your experience!

  • French International School Summer Camp

    https://www.frenchintl.org/learning-at-french-international/extended-learning/el/~board/extended-learning/post/summer-camps Catalog: https://programregistration.veracross.com/App/fais/ProgramRegistration/Summer/Programs/Browse Indoors Themes include art, nature, engineering, fairies, horseback riding, cuisine, sports, wellness, and more Ages 3-14 Location: Portland, OR Add a comment with your experience!

  • Valley Catholic (VCELS) School-Age Camp

    https://ssmo.org/summer-camps (scroll down) Indoors Each week includes art experiences, literacy activities, STEM projects, games, and more. Ages K-5th grade Location: Beaverton, OR Add a comment with your experience!

  • Valley Catholic Music School

    https://app.mainstreetsites.com/dmn4817/classes.aspx?sem=43952#sem Indoors VC Music School offers a summer music camp for grades K-5 with rotational segments on piano, recorder, violin and voice. We teach basic music fundamentals, such as rhythm, note reading, terminology, movement and ear training. We focus on having fun with friends who like music as much as we do. No previous experience is necessary. …

  • Classical Ballet Academy Summer Camps

    https://www.classicalballet.net/summer-2024-schedule Indoors Fairy tale camps, classes, and intensives. Spend your summer increasing your technique and building your strength and love for dance. Have fun, move your body, and explore dance in a fun and engaging way. Ages 3-9 Location: Portland, OR Add a comment with your experience!

  • Fir Acres Writing Workshop

    https://college.lclark.edu/programs/fir_acres Indoors Overnight At Fir Acres Writing Workshop, sixty high school students from across the country come together for two weeks to write and join a community of writers on the beautiful, wooded campus of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. In daily Workshops, participants study great writing and produce their own under the…

  • Code Ninjas Camps

    https://www.codeninjas.com/or-hillsboro/camps Indoors Transform your child’s love for technology into an exciting learning adventure. Guided by our team of Code Senseis, Code Ninjas Camps empower kids to gain valuable tech skills and make new friends. It’s an unforgettably fun learning experience! Themes include stop motion, Minecraft, 3D printing, and more Ages 5-14 Location: Hillsboro, OR Add…

  • Rumble Art Studio Summer Camp

    https://rumbleartstudio.net/summer-camp-portland-oregon-june Indoors Half day and full day available Single days available Ages 6-14 Location: NE Portland, OR Add a comment with your experience!

  • Summer Band Camps at Chords Music School

    https://www.chordsmusicschool.com/bands/p/summer-band-camps-2024 Indoors Every camper will have the opportunity to join a band, write a song and learn how to play and sing their song on the instrument of their choice! We will also do fun art projects, like create band posters and custom band-t’s! Each band will also perform their song for friends and family…

  • Japanese Preschool Camp at Little Leaf Montessori

    https://www.littleleafpdx.com/summer-school-2023 Indoors Weekly themes Ages 3-6 Location: Portland, OR Add a comment with your experience!

  • Cathedral Park Arts Summer Musical Theater

    Indoors Summer Musical Theater Workshop: Students will work together to learn their very own role, including solo and ensemble songs, scenes, and choreographed dance numbers. Ages 7-14 Location: North Portland, OR Add a comment with your experience!

  • Club K Summer Camp

    Indoors Spring Break camp available Summer learning with “Never Stop Exploring” themes prepares your child for the new school year. Every exciting field trip, game, and social-emotional learning activity is aligned with each week’s theme for one of a kind summertime adventures. Ages ??? Locations: Wilsonville, South Tigard, North Tigard, OR Add a comment with your…

  • NW Dance Project: Youth Summer Dance

    https://nwdanceproject.org/education/youth-summer-dance Indoors SUMMER DANCE INTENSIVESThese intensives focus on technique, movement, strengthening and conditioning, versatility, and creativity to support a balanced dance training experience. Beginner to Advanced options. Ages 7-18 SUMMER DANCE CAMPSThese 5-day camps each have a fun and creative theme and will include a daily movement class, crafts, games, story time, and lots of imaginative…

  • Everybody Dance Project

    https://everybodydanceproject.com/schoolbreak-camps Indoors Spring/school break camps available Our ballet/jazz/tumbling combo camps offer a different theme each week for your dancer to explore! Camp will consist of classes in ballet, jazz, and tumbling fundamentals, as well as craft and open play time. Each camp is structured to engage your dancer’s imagination while increasing cognitive motor skills, expressive…

  • Yoga Playgrounds

    Indoors These unique yoga summer camps are designed to nurture a sense of inner strength, self-esteem and happiness. Packed with playfulness, positivity and fun, each day will include a wonderful mix of poses and movement, games, mindfulness, creativity, nature exploration and art. Kids will leave these uplifting and inspiring camps with new friendships and a…

  • Motive Theatrics

    https://www.motivetheatrics.org/summer-camp Indoors For the older group (9-16 years old), our “Production Camps” offer the chance to dive into the world of musical theater. From Broadway hits like “Mean Girls” to timeless classics like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” participants will rehearse, create, and showcase their talents in a condensed version of each production. For our…

  • Camp SCRAP

    https://portland.scrapcreativereuse.org/Camp-SCRAP Indoors Camp SCRAP is an art camp centered on themes of creative reuse. This camp is for kids who LOVE inventing, making, and bringing their creative ideas to life! Each day there will be a fun mix of staff-led projects and time for free creation. During free creation, campers will design a project of their choice…

  • Pipster Prep Concordia

    https://www.pipsterprep.com Indoors General camp activities including outdoor walks Ages 6-8 Location: NE Portland Add a comment with your experience!

  • Whimsy Wees Art Camp

    https://whimsywees.com/art-camp Indoors Our summer camps are designed around a theme that has a combination of teacher led art projects and open studio time in which artists are free to explore and create at different Imagination Stations. Ages 1st-8th grade Location: Bethany, OR Add a comment with your experience!

  • Hibiki Japanese Culture Day Camp

    https://www.aikidohibiki.com/2024summerdaycamp Indoors ​Activities will include exercise and rolling/falling, reading/study, art (indigo dyeing, sculpting, calligraphy, drawing, origami, other crafts), simple Japanese food prep, and outdoor play/hiking/swimming at nearby Creston Park and Clinton City Park. Ages 6-11 Location: SE Portland Add a comment with your experience!

  • D-Bat PDX West

    https://www.dbatpdxwest.com/index.php/camps-clinics Baseball and softball Indoors Spring break camp available This camp is for baseball AND softball players who are newer to the game and looking to learn the basics while having a lot of fun. The focus will be on creating a fun environment around the sports of baseball and softball to spark a young…