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Tag: reading

  • Summer Reading Skills Programs from Oregon State

    https://precollege.oregonstate.edu/summer-reading-programs-children-and-adults Indoors This summer, help your child become a confident, enthusiastic reader. These single-grade programs teach key reading skills, from phonics and sight words for younger children to comprehension, reading speed, and textbook strategies for older kids, and everything in between. Programs are designed and taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development. Ages…

  • Portland Forest School Love of Literacy Summer Camp

    https://www.portlandforestschool.org/summer Outdoors Children will be immersed in word games, nature stories, and read-alouds.  Our School’s certified literacy specialist will guide student strategies and experiences rooted in creativity and research-based techniques to develop the skills necessary to independent reading and writing.  Students build a foundational love for exploration of their world through literacy. The growth arc…

  • Blosser Rev Up Your Reading

    https://www.theblossercenter.org/summer-camp.html Indoor and Outdoor Options Reading focus: Arts and Crafts, Outdoor Adventures, Physical Movement, and games Four week program Ages: 1st through 6th grade Location: NE Portland Add a comment with your experience!